Hello and Welcome to a world full of magic and adventures.

You've entered a realm where dreams, nightmares, and places where darkness and light collide. Come explore worlds within worlds, where creatures of the night thrive. A gasp, a howl, a place where things aren't always as they appear to be.

You’ve come to a place where anything is possible. Night and day are mixed together with worlds that are as real as what surrounds us. Your only limit is what you allow your imagination to see. Come visit vampires, shape-shifters, ghosts and demons. In this place your wildest dreams, or scariest nightmares, can come true.

Enter and browse. Here you will find a little bit of magic, adventure and horror. Venture through and read, if you dare. I make no promises if the tales will follow you out and into your sleep. Here, boundaries are gone and imagination will run free. Enjoy.... at your own risk.

Again, welcome to my world.